*Savannah, GA- While this was a short stop over on a trip elsewhere, the most wheelchair friendly hotel EVER is located right on the waterfront.  The Hyatt Regency located on Bay Street has wheelchair accessible rooms that have push button access. We were able to place the key in the slot and then push the standard accessible wall plaque and the hotel room door automatically opened! In addition, another wall "button" is inside the room, allowing push button access to leave the room as well! If you're in Savannah, check it out!

*St. Augustine

*St. Augustine, FL- While we understand that many of you out there love this place. For us, it was a very bad experience.  We understand it is the most historic city in the  United States. We understand that they do not have to abide by the ADA act due to the historical nature of the town. However, the attitude of the residents, town staff, etc was condescending and rude.  Our hotel didn't even understand why it was an issue that the wheelchair ramp was blocked by planters and a seating bench.

*Orlando, FL- While wheelchair accessible transportation is available, you will not find it without a phone call to a company to request it.

While you're there, SeaWorld is a great place to visit. For patrons in wheelchairs and one companion, tickets are 1/2 price. It is definitely worth the time and effort as they are very friendly and accessible as a whole.  

Universal Studios is also accessible but I can't tell you about ticket prices because we were there for a private event. However, it's definitely easy to get around and the staff is more than helpful with any and all needs.

Full disclosure: We were not pleased with Disney World's treatment of our questions regarding accessibility, ease of use, etc. and  so we did not visit.

Oh! The places we've gone!



*Royal Caribbean Cruises

  *Myrtle Beach



Beach Trips

*Carnival Cruises

*New Orleans, La- While parking can be an issue, there are easily found accessible cabs, the red trolleys are wheelchair accessible and only cost $3.00 for an all day pass! 

The food is incredible and if you see a restaurant in the quarter without a ramp, ask them if they have a portable one... Pat O's will even tell you to say, "Hey Mister! Give me some feet!"

*Myrtle Beach, SC- Our favorite place to stay when we're at Myrtle Beach is Kingston Planation. It's technically an Embassy Suites hotel but we also have stayed in the condos right there as well. While they aren't officially wheelchair accessible, we have never had an issue with them being "un-accessible".  If you go, they have a beach wheelchair (better known in our family as a Tonka Chair) that you can borrow for an hour at a time without having to pay the expensive rental fees.

*Beaufort, SC- We love Beaufort! The outdoor activities of hunting, fishing and boating are always great choices! The town of Beaufort is a throw back to simpler days and the townspeople are always accommodating. We've stayed all over town and truly don't have a favorite other than just loving Beaufort!

*Washington, Da- Washington was awesome in that the transit was very accessible, there were wheelchair cabs available everywhere and the transit workers were some of the best around! We were able to tour all over the capital with no issues, see many of the historic sites, including Arlington, and eat at some pretty awesome places.  We stayed at an Embassy Suites that was easily accessible and had a great Manager's reception every night.  It really helped that there was a Starbucks across the street to keep us in caffeine and going!



Rediscovering Outdoor Activities & Recreation

*Asheville, NC- One of our favorite places! We love Asheville for all of the outdoor hiking, kayaking, etc that it offers but we're also huge fans of the Biltmore House. Whether you go at Christmas to see the decorations (we go every year, come join us!) or during the Spring to see the flowers and gardens in bloom, it is worth the trip. While it may seem inaccessible, there are hidden gems throughout the house and grounds. Make sure to take the original elevator so that you can see the second floor. The third floor and basement are not accessible but the movie on the second floor does a good job showing those areas.  When you go, make sure to visit Antler Village. We have never stayed on property but hear that Inn is a great place to stay.

Also, during the fall don't forget to trek down the Blue Ridge Parkway and check out all of the scenery and overlooks. Most of them have handicapped parking to make it easy to get out and explore the Parkway.

*Pinehurst, NC- We've been to Pinehurst numerous times and love the Carolina Hotel, we also have stayed in town at the Comfort Inn. The staff was very friendly and the room there was accessible. However, if you have the money and the inclination, stay at the Carolina Hotel. While the room doors are difficult to deal with the in-room accessibility and helpfulness of the staff more than make up for it. (So does the bacon at the daily breakfast buffet).  While you are there, explore the golf course at the other end of the street (they even let you drive your chair on the cart path, just be mindful of the players) and visit the spa. The staff at the spa are extremely helpful and the entire place is accessible. 

*Atlanta, GA- While the ATL isn't our founder's favorite place, he does love Atlanta Braves baseball and the stadium is an accessible place for sure. We've been there numerous times, had numerous seating options, and have always been able to see and be a part of all of the activities offered.  If you ever have an opportunity to visit the Suntrust Club section, do not pass it up. It doesn't look accessible, but it is and the staff make it even better!

We've been there so many times and stayed so many places, however to name a few.... The Westin Perimeter, Embassy Suites Buckhead and the Hilton Downtown are all accessible. If you're taking help, want privacy but don't want to pay for two rooms, we recommend the Embassy Suites Buckhead as they have an accessible suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den with a foldout couch and doors separating every room for a very reasonable rate.