R.O.A.R.is a missions/ministry based organization whose purpose is to redefine limitations and empower those with disabilities to see their God-given ability through outdoor activities.

R.O.A.R. seeks to educate, assist, and mediate for those with disabilities to minimize obstacles in outdoor settings and to challenge stereotypes. We intend to create opportunities for those with disabilities to step out beyond the point of fear or apprehension to discover outdoor passions and desires.

R.O.A.R. has at its core a love for Christ and a desire to share the opportunities for all to participate in the great outdoors.

R.O.A.R. develops mutually beneficial partnerships and a network that will provide direct resources to bridge the gap between desires and reality. Together with our partners we challenge what defines ability and through our actions we build relationships that change lives and spirits.

Many people, due to illness or injury, have not been able to fully embrace all of God's goodness in nature but R.O.A.R. seeks to enable, empower and equip those with the desire to “rediscover outdoor activities and recreation.” 

Founder/Lead Director

Rediscovering Outdoor Activities & Recreation

R.O.A.R. is the God-given vision of Mike Hudson. Mike does not believe in limitations of any sort, as a 19 year veteran of wheelchair living; he defies the odds all day, every day. In 1995, Mike had a diving accident that resulted in his being diagnosed a C6/7 quadriplegic. While Mike accepted the diagnosis, he did not accept the physical limitations or expectations of the diagnosis. Mike decided that his life was a gift from God to be enjoyed to the fullest and so he has found ways to hunt, fish, build sandcastles, and travel any and everywhere his heart desires.  While the desire to begin a ministry like R.O.A.R. has been in his heart for a long time, only recently has God granted him the opportunity to pursue this calling.

R.O.A.R. was officially founded in July of this year as a 501©3 charity. If you would like to be a part of this venture, we would love for you to partner with us. Mike can be reached at 864-344-2749 or Mike.Hudson@ROARoutdoors.org.