Rediscovering Outdoor Activities & Recreation

*Empower the disabled to utilize their God-given talents and abilities in outdoor settings

*Educate the public on opportunities and realities of outdoor recreation and daily living

*Develop and distribute adaptive equipment for outdoor and travel related activities for the disabled

*Provide pertinent information related to the needs, challenges and opportunities to promote better understandings in business, government entities, and community organizations

*Consult with businesses on how to adapt and accommodate the disabled on an ongoing basis; including basic etiquette.

*Introduce current and new products to the disabled that will facilitate being able to participate in outdoor activities




 Motivate the disabled & their families to rediscover God's creation through outdoor adventures and events.


Bridge the gap between the hopes of the disabled and the realities of fulfilling those dreams.

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To empower the disabled to rediscover their love of the outdoors

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R.O.A.R. exists to...